Adaptive Triggers & Haptic Feedback

Emulate DS4 or Xbox 360 controller, with support for mods to make ingame events react with your controller’s adaptive triggers wirelessly!

Main features

Some of the reasons why people like DSX

Game mods

mod support for many games that aren’t officially supported

Wireless Adaptive triggers

With the use of our DSX SDK, mod developers can make game events react with Adaptive Triggers wirelessly!

Smart and Intuitive

Your controller profiles and all the settings are automatically backed up to Steam cloud. All accesible with a clean UI

Support for 20+ languages

DSX is constantly being translated to more languages

Fully customizable

Almost every aspect of Adaptive Triggers, Haptics, player LEDs, side LEDs and all else is customizable


Sense2Key lets you map keyboard and mouse keys to your controller

How The App Works

Communicating with the physical controller

It communicates with the controller to determine what model it is and to see it’s capabilities at the moment ( For example BT or USB). And then applies config for that controller.

Hiding the physical controller

Hihide driver will hide the controller itself to avoid double inputs and LED issues when another software tries to communicate with the controller.

Emulating your selected controller

VigEmBus driver will be used to emulate either a xbox 360 or PS4 controller. In most usecases you will need xbox 360 emulation.

Mixing in the Adaptive Triggers and Haptics

DSX will make use of the Adaptive Triggers, in one of 3 supported methods. Most preffered way is a C# mod that uses UDP, this will make your ingame events and actions react with your controller. The other choices are a .txt file or manually making a trigger profile, but this won’t be very immersive as it’s pretty static and doesn’t react to the game.

Our Users Love Our App!

I’ve been using the app since the early stage, it has gone through so many changes over the time. The developer listens to the community and implements new features after new features and delivers quality work. I like to set my controller adaptive trigger depending on the game I play. Some games were not even detecting the controller, but with DSX I can make all my games work with the controller. I’m thrilled to see what other features will be added in the future.

Personalized experienceRolodo